The National Shrine of The

North American Martyrs



The Martyrs Shrine was begun back in 1885 as a monument to the first saints of North America that were canonized-and the birthplace of Blessed Kateri Takekwitha who was proclaimed   Blessed by Pope John Paul II in 1980.

The Shrine is also the Center of Devotion to the Blessed Mother Mary because it was here on these Holy Grounds of Auriesville that the first recorded recitation of the Rosary took place on September 29, 1642 in what is now "New York State".

The Shrine and grounds are in need of major repairs now and need the help of all of us - Please send any donations to Father John Marzolf, Director, National Shrine of North American Martyrs, Noeltner Road, Auriesville, NY 12016

If you have never been to a Coliseum before, start here! It is absolutely beautiful. I don't know how large it is, but there are 72 doors, four Altars and seats for thousands. 


From I-90, Auriesville Exit take Route 5S to the Shrine entrance.

Noeltner Road, Auriesville, NY 12016

For information call:  (518) 853-3033