El Santuario de Chimayo

The Shrine of Our Lord of Esquipulas


Chimayo, NM

El Santuario De Nuestro Senor De Esquipulas [in/near Chimayo, NM], at the s.e. end of town. Legend maintains that a farmer, instructed by a vision to dig beneath his plow for earth endowed with healing powers, uncovered a cross and piece of cloth belonging to two priests martyred on the spot. The farmer placed the cross within a crude adobe chapel he built in 1816. Many pilgrims come to partake of the supposedly curative earth found in a pit inside the chapel, which is lined with cast-off crutches and braces. Daily 9-5. Free.

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Located at the South-East end of the town of Chimayo, NM 87522


For information call:  (505) 351-4889